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At Regier Carr & Monroe, L.L.P., we understand what makes your industry unique. Our experienced and diverse team of accountants tailor their services to meet your business's financial needs. Whether your business is a start-up, mid-size growth, or well-established, our CPAs bring you the latest ideas and thought-leadership in your trade to improve your financial performance. 


We work closely with our clients to understand their industries' unique challenges. Whether it is continually shifting regulations in the medical industry or the rising costs in manufacturing, our team of CPAs and consultants are there to support your business every step of the way.  

Governmental & Not-for-profit

Performing governmental and NPO audits are complex. We ensure full compliance, meeting all the appropriate standards and regulations through audits reviews, compilations, and agreed-upon procedures.


Staying compliant and profitable is complicated in the medical industry. The profitability of a healthcare business is constantly challenged by ever-changing regulatory standards and complex revenue and billing systems. We support our clientele with financial reporting, income tax, tax planning and compliance, and consulting.


Many factors go into a successful construction project. Profitability hinges on effective bidding, job management, project financing, tracking job progress, and estimating revenues and costs. Compound that with the unique tax structure of the construction industry. We support our construction clients with knowledgeable management, guidance, and advice

Case Study

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We stay current with the industry's business and accounting opportunities. Our expert accounting knowledge supports real estate developers, home builders, owners and operators of apartments and manufactured housing developments, ranches and farms, large retail centers, commercial buildings, and ancillary businesses in the real estate sector.


Manufacturers are facing unprecedented challenges like global competition, significant pricing and delivery demands, and rapidly changing technology. As these challenges increase, their profit margins decrease. We provide accurate and up-to-date accounting records, financial and tax-reporting compliance, and consulting on decisions that impact their long-term success. 

Professional Services

RCM knows the success of a professional service firm depends primarily on meeting clients’ needs and delivering superior client service. With this necessary focus on the client, the fiscal and business management of the firm is often a low priority. Yet, maximizing profits, managing cash flow, and complying with government regulations are crucial to a firm’s long-term success. It is a balancing act, and RCM can help.

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